Fresh off of a very promising first round, we’re diving right into the second round of three for this challenge.

Here’s the link to Dorian’s post:

Here are the rules in full:

  1. Your Picture
    • Must include unprocessed/uncooked food
    • The food must be for human consumption only
    • May include other elements to add interest or composition
  2. Your picture must be taken inside a building.
  3. The image must have been taken from the start date of the challenge, not before.
  4. Your picture must have a title.
  5. Your picture must not be manipulated by adding parts that were not on the original image.
  6. You may use editing software to change contrast, exposure, white balance etc.

So unprocessed and uncooked food — you’re looking at fresh fruits, fresh veg, or raw meat. No fresh dog food. Obviously. Here’s Dorian’s description:

Unprocessed food includes things like, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, rice, raw meat, etc. Anything that has been put through a process and combines more than one food stuff is processed, EG Bread is a processed food, pasta is processed food, McDonalds is processed food.

Round two ends February 9th, so your deadline is…

Sunday February 7th

Here are the hashtags:

  • #challengeunprocessed
  • #pantsdrunkfood
  • #pantsdrunkpiefactory

Here’s where you will be uploading your photos:

…And as we did last time, here’s the upload form to try out your various photos and get feedback: